Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pink Cheetahs Running Wild

Today's mani is a little funky. I wanted to practice working on doing a cheetah print free hand. I've poured over tutorials and such and today's post showcases my best efforts on that front.

Although not nearly as perfect as it can be if I keep practicing this one - I've made definite improvements over my previous efforts as you can see when you compare it to the Animal Print I did during the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. The technique is completely different and in my opinion much better than the one I was using before.  I also think the improvement in the brushes I was using also made a huge difference. I feel like this time I was using the right tools for the job.

I want to put together a simple set of nail arts that I can do quick and easy as part of a "free demo" to market myself and my skills. For sure something to think about.

Enjoy the rest of your day and woohoo! It's Saturday! Yay!

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