Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun and Fruity

Good Morning! I hope you're Thursday is off to a wonderful start. So far, mine is going pretty great. Today's Nail Art is just a little cherries as an accent nail and red over pink french design. I really liked this design so much that I did the french on the rest of my nails and wore it. I really love the color combo - It's my one and only Essie polish left.

I copied the design off my stamping plate but it is not actually stamped. I had stamped it but I thought that it was simple enough that I could do it free-hand - so I did! I actually think this came out better doing it free-hand than if I had stamped it. 

I did pick up some micro-beads yesterday at Michael's but I'm really going to just fool around with them to figure out how to best make use of them and do so in a timely way. While it's awesome that I can sit at home for hours and fuss over a design, I am still trying to "sell" the design and more specifically it's application by me. Which means it has to be done in some kind of timely way or it's just not worth it.  It took me time to get the hang of working with tiny tiny rhinestones, so I'm sure I will figure something out for the beads. I'm just that determined! I did a little hands-on experimenting with it last night and I'll be cruising through YouTube this afternoon to see what I can find. Definitely expect to see designs in the future making use of them!

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