Friday, January 13, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 13 - Animal Print

Ohh Unlucky 13! Ok maybe not so unlucky - today's challenge is animal print. Not nearly as tough as you'd think it is to do free hand. I really got stuck on this one since there's soo many possibilities. Zebras, Tigers, Cows, Cheetahs, get the picture. There are many many tutorials posted on YouTube that range from using stamping plates to free hand designs. I decided to go the free hand route, I actually learned to do this one from my instructor back when I was in school. She felt we should all learn to do them and do them well since there's always women who love all things animal print and it's a good money maker.  (yes, she went there).

I didn't load the nail with the print like I normally would have since I was losing light and the polishes I was using don't do well under flash. I used Milani Cosmetic's "Golden Goddess" as my base color. I used Orly's "Liquid Vinyl" and a striping brush to make the outline of each "spot" and filled them in with Milani Cosmetics "Metallic Mango".

I really need to add both stamped and free hand animal prints to my portfolio as there are sooo many possibilities there.   Tomorrow's challenge: flowers!

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