Sunday, February 19, 2012

Froggy Flowers

Good Morning Everyone! Today's nail art is a lil stamped frog chilling in the flowers and the rain.  I hope you enjoy it!

I'm sad to say you really can't see the amazing gradient I did with this one. You can almost see it in this picture, but it looks more like texture and less like the greenish-gold shimmers that it should be. It's definitely a gradient combination I'll do again, but I'll remember to do it during the daytime, so it can be photographed in full sun. Hopefully that will help.

I might have to take a few days off from doing nail art. I was practicing my acrylic work today and got a glob of dried acrylic in my brush. Silly me used my fingers to free glob knowing full well that I am sensitive to acrylic and now my hands are all swollen. Fortunately, I did manage to get a few more nail arts done this evening before the offended fingers got puffy, so I do have two more days worth of pictures to show you. Hopefully, by then, I'll be recovered enough to get some more done. If not, I can always write do a post about something other than nail art. There are other aspects to being a manicurist that I just LOVE.  


  1. Ty! I have been looking at that lil frog on my stamping plates trying to come up with some place to put him... I think I found a spot ;)

  2. I have the same frog stamp.One day I just stamped him on all five fingernails and it looked hilarious! So what other aspects of being a nail tech do you love? I hope your fingers will be well soon.

    1. I love doing art with acrylics. I suck at making some of the 3-d stuff with acrylic but I do like adding glitter and other things to it. I also genuinely enjoy giving a manicure and a pedicure. Just those lil things that make it nice for the person. There's just sooo many ways you can make it over the top!