Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Foil French

Good Morning and Happy Friday. No #FishEggMani today, I'm still a lot burned out on it after wearing it for five whole days. Instead, I'm bringing you a twist on the french mani that I did last night but the pictures didn't come out. It turns out that it's just as well they didn't. I came up with some tweaks to the original thought I had by alternating the colors.

I'm still in love with Orly's "Snowcone" and I was dying to try it as a french. Originally, my thought had been to just do the blue with the foil at the end, separated by the blue glitter stripe. Tonight I had the thought that it would be so much cooler to alternate the foil and the blue.

I'm definitely pleased with how much better these came out than my original design. I've long been a fan of adding color to the old fashioned "french" and dressing it up a bit. Apparently that's really trending these days and that makes me a little giddy to know I've been way ahead of this trend. 

I hope you enjoyed today's fun twist on an old favorite and thank you for reading!