Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pop Goes the Chickie

Good Morning and Happy Friday Eve! I've just about exhausted my ideas for Easter Patterned nail art and now I'm moving onto other things within that Easter Theme. Today's nail of the day is Easter Eggs with a hatching chick as an accent nail. I'm going to just get right to the pictures today and let them speak for themselves!

I have no name for the purple, it was part of a "Sally's girl" neon collection but I felt this one should have a bright color rather than a pastel color. The yellow for the chick is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, , and the rest of the chick I did in acrylic paint as well as the designs for the "eggs"

That's all for today's nail art. I spent quite a bit of time getting this chick right. I am not telling how many times I had to re-do that nail. I was determined to get it right, even going so far as to looking up tutorials about doing chick nails. I am glad I stuck it out,  I'm more than happy with how it finally came out. Always seems to be worth the effort to do and re-do as many times as I need until I'm finally happy with it.

Will you be coloring eggs this year? 


  1. thats totally cute and you did a good job with the chicken ^^

  2. This is sooooo adorable!! I really love the chick! ♥

  3. TY! Just goes to show you it's worth it to stick with something when it is hard or doesn't go right.

  4. Adorable! I love that bright purple!

  5. I love it! Gave it a try myself and it looks super cute