Friday, April 20, 2012

Bridal Roe!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!! Well after all the fun I had last week doing "Fish Egg Friday" I decided to do it again today. Also, I am starting a new theme for all my nail art - Bridal! So today, you're getting a little bit of a two-fer!

On to the mani!! I named this one "Bridal Roe" because firstly, it's a bridal mani and secondly because salmon is pink and today's fish eggs are definitely pink!

The base color here is OPI's "Kiss Me On My Tulips" and the beads are actually clear which lets the underlying mani colors show through. I've seen how awesome clear beads are over white (for winter/christmas) but they are even more stunning over color!

Here's a few macro shots of the "fish egg" part.

There is a little trick to getting the beads to lay flat and neat on the nail. The pictures below are the "tool" you need to do it and how to use it. 

I have no idea what the tool is called but I have several that came with nail art kits, like dried flowers, rhinestones and even a few puffy nail stickers. It looks similar to a cuticle pusher but rubber end makes that impractical. They are sooo handy for applying anything other than polish to your nail!

Do this step after you've sprinkled or dipped your nail in beads and tapped off the excess.

I got the inspiration for this one from last week's Fish Egg Friday Rant. French Manicure or Pink and Whites - it just seemed the perfect thing to make my statement! All this week has been a variety of Bridal Runway shows reminding me that Bridal season is here!! Yay! "This coming week, I'll be showing you the "Bridal Manicure" I"ll be sporting at my own wedding this summer! Have a Groovy Fishy Weekend! Thanks for reading!! If you did a fish egg Mani - let me know in the comments where to find it and I'll link to it here!

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I'll be updating throughout the day since today's Fish Egg Friday is not an organized event like last week's. You can also share/follow FishEggFriday Mani's on twitter with the hashtag #FishEggFriday


  1. Oe wow looks niche. The tool your using is called a cuticle pusher. Like your fish egg mani. Maybe your interested in mine? Take a peek if you wish at

  2. Oh thanks! *blush* many thanks for sharing! I appreciate it a lot.

  3. It really is no problem! Half the fun of #FishEggFriday is seeing how many different ideas there are out there!

  4. those were sold out at my micheal's but i wanted them. they are sooooo gorg!

  5. I love the beads you used in this, it's such a good idea & it's totally gorgeous : )

  6. brilliant idea to use those beads over a french mani, i'm in love! i also love your tool choice for pushing down the beads... if i do another fish egg mani i will definitely be using that tool :)