Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flowering Bride

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!! I hope your weekend is off to a good start!  I'm continuing my bridal theme today and today's mani I'm going to show you a design in different mediums. Straight nail polish, using Gelish UV Soak off Gel Polish, and finally in acrylic. Let's get right to the nail art, shall we?

These are dried flowers that I purchased from Born Pretty, one of my favorite online sources for nail art materials. Although, I understand that I may soon have a more local to me source and I'm all for supporting budding businesses in my state.  I normally like to do this with a rhinestone center but I'm currently out of the correct size and I thought I'd see how it looked using micro-beads as a center. I'm pleased with the outcome. We can't have the fingernail bling outshining the bling on the finger at a wedding now, can we?

Here is the exact same design using Gelish. Because the tips I had prepped were clear, I went ahead and added a base layer of pink to make the nails opaque. I used structure gel to "embed" the microbead centers and keep them firmly secure to the nail.

Here, we again have the flowers with micro-bead centers but now they are completely embedded in acrylic. I layered a glitter gelish polish and the gelish topcoat over the acrylic to give the design the same glittery look as the other mediums. Although, I could have also done this by mixing super fine glitter in with my acrylic powder. Finding loose, super fine, holo glitter is a bit of a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed today's Bridal Looks and it gave you something to consider, not just for your wedding but for those other special occasions. Some art can be done in other mediums, especially with fun things like nail foils, etc. Thank for reading and I'll see you tomorrow!!