Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wallpaper Butterflies

Good Morning and a groovy Tuesday to you!  This morning I have another attempt at a nail art I saw on pinterest. I really enjoyed doing this one. I have a fab striping brush that is perfect for doing straight stripes. It doesn't work well for anything but stripes but today that's an awesome brush to have! Now on to the pictures!

One more just because I can.

This was relatively simple to do. I painted the nails white, then using a striping brush, I painted stripes on each nail in different colors. Using a stamping plate, I then stamped on a few butterflies. Can you see which one has an upside down butterfly? I did do that on purpose, really I did. 

You'll notice that I'm back to using lone nails rather than my own. I just couldn't bear to give up my Tiger manicure just yet. Hardly anyone has even seen it, so I'm going to wear it a few more days!! 

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