Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roll of the Dice

Good Morning Sunshine! Today, I have another one of those nail arts I found on pinterest that was definitely simple but completely brilliant! Let's get right to the pictures, shall we?!

The order of the dice are as random as my brain can make them and they hold no special significance to me.

I would call these my gambling nails!! We have more than a few different casinos near us and we've been known to frequent them. I'm a big bingo hound, harking back to when I was little and my Mother, all my Aunts and my Grandmother used to go to bingo at least once a week at various different churches around Boston. It also reminds me of sitting around the table after Christmas dinner and playing "penny craps". Yah, I know, my family is totally weird and I wouldn't trade them for anything.  But we always had cards and dice in the house and everyone knew when to quit while we were ahead!

I hope you enjoyed today's Nail Arts and a peek at my crazy extended family! 

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