Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daisies in a field of green

Good Morning! Today I will be showing you my current mani that I've been wearing since Sunday! I stayed up pretty late Saturday night working on this because it takes me so long to take off the old Gelish colors. Since it's me doing it, I can only do one hand at a time, so it takes twice as long. I also couldn't decide what I wanted to do with this fabulous green!! I had been watching videos on you tube, by love4nails and one of her videos showed a different technique for doing flower petals than the one I had been using. I ultimately decided to give this a try, and here it is.

I had to take these with my phone, so I apologize if the photos are of a poorer quality.

I definitely like this technique. I'm not totally ready to dump the other method just yet, but I definitely believe that this would be ideal to use with Gelish. I also want to comment on the green color here. It's a shimmery frosted green and I really am amazed just how much I like it once I got it on and got it cured. I couldn't resist doing daisies since daisies are the perfect design to go with a green background!  I hope you enjoyed and strongly encourage you to check out the other videos on love4nails' youtube channel!! 

Do you watch a lot of youtube tutorials? Who are your favorites? 


  1. This looks great! I don't watch any youtube tutorials but maybe I should ;-)

    1. Some are really amazing! I've watched almost all of the ones by the gal I got this one from. All very simple to do. Robin moses also has many in all skill levels!