Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Experimental Nail Art

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!! Last night I started working on a side project I have been wanting to try out. I did nail art on some tips  and then using "press on" glue, took the pictures.  The experimental part of this was how to paint loose tips? When practicing, I've always just used nail glue or super glue to glue it to an orange stick. Regular white glue works well too, and the nail pops off clean, which doesn't happen with other types of glue. So, on to the pictures!

Not everything was successful with lil experiment. My more elaborate accent nail got messed up and as you can see there's other minor lil things where beads fell off or the design ran. Next I will try this out using Gelish over those lil cheap press-on nails you buy at the dollar store. The beads are much more secure with the Gelish when in delicate designs and the nails are reuseable if you used "press on" adhesive. 

Have you ever purchased nails with nail art already on them from someplace like etsy? If you do nail art - would you ever consider doing something like this? 


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    1. Thank you. It must be the season, I seem to be all about flowers these days

    2. Thank you. It must be the season, I seem to be all about flowers these days

  2. I didn't notice anything wrong with it,until I started reading,lol! I love the design.I sometimes take out some glue-on nails and stick them to a pencil with some Glue Dots I got at Hobby Lobby.Then I paint all five on one pencil.It's a technique I learned from Dollface.

    1. We used to use orange sticks in school. I hesitate to use any other glues besides nail glue or elmers becuz i don't know what effect the uv lamp will have on it.

      For just practice tho i am less concerned with keeping the nail so i use cheap tip that r half moons and just use nail glue or even hot glue.