Tuesday, February 7, 2012

14 Days of Love - Day 7

Well today marks the end of the first week! woohoo! Today I went simple again. I thought yesterday's design was a little busy, so I was seriously looking to tone it down. That and I had a last minute client booking. :P

Without a flash.

With a Flash

I really have not been able to truly capture what's going on there with the base color.  It's OPI's "Fit for a Queensland" and it has been quite the challenge to show off the sublte pink and gold fine shimmer that almost turns this into a duo-chrome but not quite. I haven't been able to show it off in sunlight, shade, indoors with and without flash. I still love this polish for this time of's ultra light enough of a hue that pinks don't get lost in the base color and the reds just pop!

It occured to me today while shopping in Sally's that I never mention in any of my posts what I use for basecoat or top coat. I *ALWAYS* use Gelish as my basecoat. I use their base, some structure gel to keep my nails from breaking and the shiny top coat. It goes a long way when I'm doing several different nail arts a day.......and using acetone to remove each one. It protects my actual nail and it makes removal so much easier than a regular basecoat. I also always use "Seche Vite" as my top coat and a few "in between coats" to help base colors dry faster. This has been a seriously critical step when doing the stamping as most of you know.

No animal pictures today. I haven't even come close to showing off all the pets we have but I haven't got any more recent shots of them because I've just been tooo busy. Soon though, soooooon. I already have the pictures ready for tomorrow's post because I'll be spending a good portion of my time today making cereal bars to serve at my youngest daughter's fundraiser for her pre-school tonight. I know when I get in tonight I'll be tooo tired to sit and write. I love being able to schedule my posts. I can share my excitement and passion in a consistant way and still get done all the things that I need to get done.

You guys have a groovy Tuesday!! See ya tomorrow!

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