Sunday, February 5, 2012

14 Days Of Love - Day 5

Happy Superbowl Sunday to all my USA readers. Because I'm such an avid fan of American Football and today is *the* big game, I did a few easy one for today's post. It was soo hard to resist posting pictures of my favorite team (that is playing today) color and saying to heck with Valentine's Day.  I managed to resist and here is the photo for today!

As you can see - I kept it VERY simple. I promise tomorrow's will make up for that a little. I got out some of my extra fun goodies like GLITTER  and I have it all laid out to do tomorrow's mani!  I also had to get some new and current pictures of my dog...just because I was standing there with the camera and I haven't taken any pictures of him since he got shaved last summer.

That's my baby Wilbury. My fiance originally took him in as an abandoned new born pup to foster for our veternarian but couldn't give him up. I mean really? who could resist such a cute face? He's over 10 years old now, which is quite old for his size and breed but he's a healthy happy spoiled puppy.  That's all for today, time to start cooking snacks to munch on during the game!


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