Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 31 - Pick Your Favorite

Yay! I've finished the challenges and got them all posted! woohooo!! Today's final and last challenge is "Pick your Favorite". Yesterday I asked if anyone could guess which one would be my favorite. That's right, I picked "Glitter"! In my defense, I did have a moment of hesitation between "Glitter" and "Inspired by a Song" but I ultimately gave in to my "inner 11 year old" and went with Glitter.

For this one I did a base color of Finger Paints "Laugh My Art Off" and did a thin line of Jade's "Star Lites".

This has been an awesomely great time doing all these. So much so that my next bit is going to be "Fortnight Of Love". Fourteen days of Valentine's Day themed nail Art.


  1. I look forward to the V-day stuff!! These were all great.. and I pick "Inspired by a Song" as my fave! :)

  2. Yes! Now i actually have to do some! LOL Now that you mention it - might b a good way to stay off this bum ankle - lock myself up in my workspace