Thursday, August 30, 2012

That Was Unexpected!

Good Morning! I've never mentioned it here but lately I find myself considering opening my own little nail studio. I keep seeing all this wonderful equipment out there on the internet that would be great for a little studio. I could easily reinvest all my income from my call-in business and grow my business by doing that. However, I do still have to do my share to pay the bills, so that's not a very realistic plan. With that in mind, I have recently been doing some job hunting looking for a part-time "day job" so I can seriously make moves in that direction.

I got a call this afternoon for an interview tomorrow, so that means I had to re-do my nails! woohooo! With all the busyness that came with preparation for then Tropical Storm Isaac, I missed last week's blog post and also skipped out on doing my own nails. Because the call came early in the evening rather than morning or afternoon, there was little time for me to do my own nails. Rather than my usual process of removal - I decided to just go with a "fill". The nature of the job meant that I couldn't be too bold with my color and design, so I started with just a coat of red once I'd prepped the nail. I noticed that the glitter from my old manicure was showing through that one coat of red and I really liked the way the black from the old design showed through as well. That settled it - I knew what I was going to do! Gelish Sandwich with a black french tip!

You can almost see the glitter showing through but not quite. I wasn't able to capture the glittery effect no matter how hard I tried. I will say that it very much was like "Ruby Pumps" Lite. lol It has all the depth but the glitter is not quite as in your face.

Another shot from a different angle. I used "Hot Rod Red" here and it's a fairly versatile color. It very much reminds me of a "jelly" finish in regular polish. Sheer but opaque after a second coat and never streaky. Perfect for the Gelish Sandwich! I'll be adding nail art to this as the week goes on but for now I decided to keep it a little more toned down for tomorrow! 

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