Friday, October 5, 2012

The Seasons Turn Turn Turn

So Fall has officially arrived! Living in the part of Florida that I do means there is no change in the weather. We do have many other exciting things going on! After spending what seemed like forever visiting a infinite number of pre-schools, I was finally able to enroll my youngest into one that both of us love! At 14, it's no big deal if your child doesn't love her school, but at 4, it's a bit more important that she feel comfortable! Maybe I'm just a fussy Mommy because she's my youngest, but I'm OK with that! I have mentioned before that I live on an Avocado Tree Grove. It's that time of year again! PICKING SEASON! My weekends are now filled with picking one of my favorite fruits and an endless supply of that yummy and fabulous beauty essential. I'm still contemplating trying a few nail/skin beauty treatment recipes this year!

Speaking of nails, after a month of insanity, things have finally settled into the new routines, and we're all recovered from our first round of "back to school flu". Those of you who also follow me on twitter know that  my nails went naked for almost two weeks. That's the longest period of time my nails have been naked since 2009.  I was sick most of that time, so my poor naked nail were not subjected to much abuse.

I had recently decided to start offering Gelish enhancements and had purchased all the supplies for that already. So today's nails are not just nail art - but my first attempt at a Gelish enhancement over white tips. I have noticed on the blogs, twitter and pinterest are full of fall and Halloween mani's. I do have future plans to join in on those soon! I already have some pictures of some I did last spring based on a random polish color inspiration. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I felt it was appropriate to begin this month with Nail Art inspired by that. Cancer is a cause near and dear to my heart as both my parents and my baby sister are all Cancer Survivors! This coming week, I will be looking into ways I can turn my nail art talents to raise money and spread the awareness!

Well, I've rambled on long enough and now it's time for the fun pictures!

Recently, I was able to take delivery of the Speciallita Hits no Olimpo Collection! This is the Atena from that collection. The ribbons and centers of the flowers is pink acrylic paint. I really love this look! I alternated  the accent nails on my other hand. I'll be wearing this one for a few days!! 

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