Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Cherry Blossoms

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day! I'm so very much into the spring vibe this week, even though we don't actually have "spring" this far south in Florida. We have two seasons, hot and wet; hotter and wetter. Spring and Fall are just hotter and wet. All that being said, I still like the idea of spring - it just makes my creative juices flow!

Today I did some Cherry Blossoms. I've never done these before but it is simple and straightforward and the effect is just sooo pretty. I started out using Orly's "Snow Cone" from the Sweet Collection, and I think this one may be discontinued but it's such a pretty light blue.

I added the flowers and the branches using acrylic paint.

That's about it for today's nail art. I hope you enjoyed it because I know I certainly enjoyed doing it. It's all cheery without being loud!