Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paisley Spring Stamping!

So, a few weeks ago I picked up another bottle of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear "Emerald City" and the package was a two for one at the dollar store. I'll be honest and say that I took every package they had because "Emerald City" is a discontinued color and I have yet to find another one to replace that shade of green. It truly is my "go-to green" for nail art!

One of those packages came with a lighter green and I loved how that looked with my Easter Day Mani's. Pastel green AND sparkley? I'm totally in. I'm still very much into funky stamping patterns and here's today's combination!!

The green looks way more frosty in these pictures, but a "sparkling frost" would be a more accurate description. I really like this - it suits my funky mood this week!! Spring is in the air and I'm feeling funky!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day or night wherever you are!


  1. Pretty design. I love that green.

    1. TY...It had no label to tell me the color and I can't find it on the site either but I suspect it's another discontinued color.