Sunday, April 15, 2012

Matte Ombre French?

Good Morning, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far. I certainly have been! I went out with my fav uncle Friday night, attending a great birthday party with my youngest daughter for one of her school friends, and  last but definitely not least, MY CAR IS FIXED! After it sitting in the driveway for months while some major work was being done, it sure did get dusty and dirty!! I spent the evening completely cleaning out the inside and  soon as I can get going, I'm going to be washing the outside!

Now, on to the nails! Quite some time ago, I purchased some Manglaze matte topcoat. I have had matte topcoats in the past, but I love the guys behind this for their sense of humor - so I purchased one of theirs. I have as of yet to use it for anything other than the occasional guy. No color, just the matte polish.

So I was messing around in my studio last night and trying out different pink polishes and seeing how they looked with the matte top coat.

It seems that as long as it's not an outright glitter and the more sparkly a polish is, the hotter it looks with the matte top coat. 

I also tried it with Harvest Moon from the Hunger Games But I'll be showing that off come Halloween. ;) Here's another pictures just cuz I really really like this look.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's random ombre and thanks for reading my blog!