Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Green

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I certainly did! I changed my gelish last night and it was completely weird! Usually when I remove my old gelish, the product sometimes completely comes off on the cotton and nothing is left on my nail. I opened my foil to discover that I had broken a corner of my pointer fingernail on my left hand and the gelish had been holding it firmly in place. The broken nail was actually still stuck to the gelish on the cotton ball. In retrospect, I should have taken a picture because it was just soo unusual!

I was too tired last night to do more nail art, whoever, I did an extra one the night before! woohoo! On to the pictures!

This is such a cute delicate design and I finally got around to it! I like the overall look, but I was sorely tempted to use a matte topcoat on the green - and I may still try it. I'm on the fence about it. I just love Emerald City so much! 

That's pretty much it for today. I hope you enjoyed! I'm already planning my "Fish Egg Friday" Mani and I've got everything ready to go. So many ideas and the need to copy designs I've seen from the other ladies that I've had to write them all down so I don't forget! lol

Have a Groovy Monday!