Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swimming with the Seahorses

Another late night for me last night. Yesterday, I picked up the new "Hunger Games" polishes that I wanted. I also picked up a few other polishes that have been at the top of my list for a long time now...with all the new polishes I had to try some out.  It was very tempting to make today's post my "Hunger Games Mani" but I'm too tired to sort through my pix and watermark them :( So, it'll have to be tomorrow.

For today, I did an underwater scene using blue gradients and stamps. The gradient was pretty straightforward, then I just stamped bubbles and a few seahorses and yay!!

And just one more because I want to.

I also did a Gelish version of the sunset gradient last night. In fact, that's what took so long. You might notice that in all pictures one of the corners of my index finger broke off.  This meant removing my current Gelish Mani and doing a new one. I decided to go ahead and do another Gelish gradient, the technique is similar to polish but it's a little different and I'll do a blog post about that this week. So the Nail Arts this week will either be over a "sunset gradient" or over dark nail polish colors. I hope you enjoyed today's Nail Art!!