Friday, March 2, 2012

Palms in the Sunset

I'm very excited to bring you today's nail art - I hope it inspires you to relax and enjoy the weekend - even if you have work through it - hopefully you can catch a few moments to relax!!

One of the things I love about living where I do is we get some amazing sunsets. Even better we have views of the sunset with the shadowed trees in the foreground. It's an amazing sight and I thought I'd do my best to bring that to you today. This is one of my better efforts. I'm so in love with it right now that I'm going to post all four pictures!

I'm holding the bottle of shimmer I used on the gradient to give the sunset a little sparkle.  This particular one by Orly is awesome! It has a variety of shimmer colors and pretty much goes with EVERYTHING. 

Yah, I bought the plate for this solely for the palm tree. It also has a i need to figure out what do I do with a pineapple nail art?? ohhh now i have an idea!! ok back to the pictures.

One last one because I can.

I can see this one being popular. Mom's maid asked me today about me doing her nails...I think her hands would look GREAT in this! I think I even have the colors to do this one in Gelish, gotta make sure her mani lasts!!

Ok folks, I hope you found today's nail art worth the wait. I just needed a night to relax and finally finish reading hunger games. I can see my teenager didn't like it....but I like it. I'm not as embarrassed by the romance as she is. 


  1. So lovely! It makes me wish I was on the beach!

  2. So lovely! You made me buy an imageplate with an palm tree. And yes i also have an pine-apple on it, still wondering what I can make with a pine-apple image...

    1. I did another 'sunset gradient' and stamped the pineapple on that one too :P it made for a tropical theme :D