Monday, March 12, 2012


Today's Nail Art is relatively simple but I was just inspired by one of my favorite crystal and crochet patterns - the pineapple. One of my recent purchases has been a few new stamping plates and I have really wanted to do the pineapples. I couldn't think of any colors that just "go" with a pineapple - so I decided to just go ahead and put it over my Gelish Sunset Mani. The sunset always reminds people of the beach and I thought a pineapple would give it a tropical flavor.

Taken in full sun

Also taken in full sun
Taken in the shade outdoors

Also taken in the shade outdoors

That's all for today. Starting tomorrow I'll be doing St. Patrick's day themed Nail Art. Putting the luck of the Irish at your  fingertips, literally.

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