Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Bling!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Today is going to be an exciting day for me. I'm teaching my daughter's pre-school class. Just before the Holidays I enrolled my youngest daughter in a cooperative preschool. All the mothers get together, decide on the curriculum, and take turns teaching the class and running the school.  I love the school and everything about it. I am very much looking forward to class today and enjoy working with the little kids.

I had originally planned to do a nail art that was inspired by the candy "skittles" by using my dotting tool but I am still just so unhappy with it that I've decided to show you something else today. I did these back in the fall - and I still very much like them both. First up is one I call "15 Minutes til Midnight". I chose that name because I set the time on the "nail clock" to that and it can either refer to the "Doomsday Clock" or as a New Year's Eve Mani - depending on when you're wearing it.

The next one is a Fendi Logo design that I did in Red and Hot Pink little faux sticker gems I got from Michael's. For obvious reasons, this one can only be done on a longer nail, but it's still very fun!!

It's pretty obvious from the picture that I used a fake nail for this one because my own nails weren't nearly long enough to do this with. I was just getting started taking pictures of my work on my own hands when I did this photo, so you can still clearly see that I only put the fake nail on ONE nail. It's such a fun design and I really should do another one properly. I have such a bucket list of nail arts I want to re-do and a equally long list of new ones I'd like to try!!  More than enough to keep me busy that's for sure!! 

 I hope you enjoyed one of my first bling'd designs and also one of my most popular! Have a Groovy Beautiful Day!

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