Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day! The week is now half over, and I did indeed get to spend a few hours working on nail art. Not all my designs worked out, so I'm going to try again tonight but some of the designs did come out very well. This morning's nail art is not especially challenging, but what collection of St. Patrick's Day themed Nail Art would be complete without the Irish flag?

I have more pictures, but they all essentially look exactly the same as that one. I really like flag nail art - it's really a lot of fun, some are more simple than others, but it's fun to wear and fun for me to do! Tomorrow, I have a really awesome nail art to bring you. I had the same idea as someone else but I added a little twist to it just to separate it from the other "Great Minds Think Alike" mani. 

See you tomorrow and have a Groovy Hump Day!

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