Saturday, January 21, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 21 - Inspried by a Color

Now we're getting into the final stretch of challenge and it's more editorial than previous portions. I really liked the concepts for this portion, even if my execution is less than stellar on at least one - my toughest choices here was picking my favorites!

Today's challenge is "Inspired by a Color". The color I chose was green. I live on an avocado farm with a backyard Palm Tree nursery in Homestead, Florida. Once upon a time this land was once smack in the middle of the everglades, a grassy river and ecosystem that is completely unique. The weather and the land is such that our weeds can grow as high as 6 feet in the summer season and it also means we have some very lush flora to go with our fauna. I love living here and the background picture to this blog is actually a picture of one of our plants out in the nursery.  This picture is one that I took that very much was one of the plants that inspired this manicure.

Now the actual manicure.

For this one I used a base layer of Finger Paints' "Guggen I'm Lime" and added diagonal stripes of Sally Hansen's "Emerald City" and Color Club's Art Club "yellow".  It specifically brought to mind some of the varigated colors in many plants. I'm sure this is not the last time I'll do something with this color scheme.

Tomorrow's Challenge, Inspired by a song. Ohhh so many songs!

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