Sunday, January 15, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 15 - Delicate Print

Today's nail art is a Delicate Print. This isn't super delicate because I am limited by my tools how delicate I can get - but this is about as delicate as my tools allowed me to be. I learned this one from a tutorial on YouTube awhile back. It reminded me of wedding cake roses. I think it's just cute in a lil girl kind of way.

To do this one I used Cover Girl Boundless Color "Pink Prism" as the base color and Jade's "Snow White" to make the little "cake roses". I tried this one using my tiniest dotting tool - it came out much smaller than if I had used my striping brush. 

Not a very exciting print but it was, like all the challenges, well worth doing. Tomorrow's challenge is Tribal Print.

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