Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday Mani Quest

I finally have sorted out all my pictures and edited *everything* that was on my camera. It's all neatly organized and tucked away on an external USB drive. Yay!  Time to start working on those posts for the 31 Day Challenge! woohooo!!

Last night I had to remove the acrylic overlay from my nails. It was driving me crazy. My nails get sooo itchy. I don't have that problem working with acrylic in general but gosh does it drive me insane if I try and wear it! It's truly the itch you cannot scratch! I'm not too sad about not being able to wear it for my birthday since I really only slapped it on there and I was quite sloppy about it. I was really only looking to get feedback on the color and glitter combo. Any constructive criticisms u have about the mixture, plz feel free to share.

That picture was taken in full sun.

This was taken indoors with a flash. I am not set up to take pictures indoors so it is not as good as the outdoor one but you at least get the idea.  I don't think I like the idea of it being full coverage the way it is in the photos, but i definately think it would be awesome in a variation of french tips or something similar.

I  still need to find something to do for my mani tomorrow.  Since I broke BOTH of my ring finger nails down to the nail beds, I have to trim the rest super short to keep them from looking silly.  Whatever I come up with must be for short nails. I'm half tempted to just paint them with China Glaze's Ruby Pumps and not do any nail art at all and just do my toes to match.  I love that polish sooo very much! Of course, I have a few other polishes that I'm currently in love with that I haven't worn on my own hands at all and it might be fun to try one of those out. Whatever mani I do will be doing double duty as my NYE mani as well. I wonder if I can pull off striping my toes with black, white, and gold glitter?

Nawww, I think I'll do the stripes on just the big toe....let the rest of my toes be sparkly.

In other news. I'm back to sharing a computer with my Fiance, Tom. At least I have access to all of my pictures and the internet and right now, I'm grateful for that much. We have some ideas to try and get me back up and running, but who knows how that is going to turn out. At least I'm not going two steps forward and six steps backwards. 

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