Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I loved my laptop. Sadly, I tripped and spilled a drink on the keyboard. Unlucky break, for sure. Lucky for me,  I never got rid of my old laptop. It's slower than dirt, Windows XP has had so many updates and service packs that it's taken up just about the entire16 gigs of space on the hard drive. It's not all bad news, I've stripped just about every program and built-in Windows feature/program except those vital ones like Google Chrome and I can at least surf the internet and keep up with twitter, Facebook and here. woohooo.

Unluckily, I no longer have access to a SD card reader. One of the programs I had to strip from the old laptop was Photoshop and the software to download pictures from the camera using USB.  I can certainly load the camera software into my fiance, Tommy's current desktop and after two days of searching for the disk, I found it in the CD drive of the old laptop. I was highly amused that the software sat in the back of my closet inside this old laptop. Not only am I grateful I didn't recycle it because now I have a laptop I can use and I would've lost software I needed. Yay!

There's still a remote chance that my beloved laptop is not completely fried but that possibility is really really tiny. It's my expectation that soon as financially possible, I'm going to have to replace it. What to do in the meantime? I decided to just go forward as if there's no chance of recovering the use of my beloved laptop and went ahead and installed the camera software this afternoon. I tracked down an external hard drive to use to store all of these pictures on so I can move them to the appropriate computer with minimal of effort.

I still need to find software to edit these pictures. I do still have an old version of Photoshop floating around somewhere, but Tommy doesn't wish to have such a large and clunky program installed on his computer unless it's absolute last resort. I am of a mind to agree, given that the only thing I wish to do to these pictures is to crop and auto-correct the color/contrast/brightness. What a way to waste an excellent program. First I'm going to try and figure out why his Windows 7 doesn't have the same picture editing software all the other versions of Windows 7 I've used do.  If I can't figure that out,  I will make an offering to the Google Gods and see what I can find that is more suited for my minimal purposes. Maybe I can get something installed on Tommy's computer tonight. I still have the option of using his parent's laptop which uses the same software my beloved laptop did but that really is a short term solution because they're leaving in 10 days for a two month cruise and taking their laptop with them. Sooner or later, I have to figure it out! Might as well do it now.

It's a very frustrating process and more than once, I've just walked away in sheer frustration only to come back later with an alternative. I'm slowly but surely getting this all sorted out and my determination and on and off again patience has kept me moving forward.

I will have pictures to post!!!

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