Thursday, January 5, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Blue

Ok we're five days into this and today's challenge is Blue nails! This is one of my favorite blue polishes by Finger Paints. It's got a lovely blue glitter that is more subtle in lower light but just shines in the bright sun. This is a color to wear to let your inner 11 year old come out to play!

My 3 year old helped me pick this color out at Sally's during a sale they were having on Finger Paints polish. I highly recommend taking a small child with you to pick out glitter colors - she has excellent taste! For this one, I used Finger Paints "Laugh My Art Off" and for the accent nail, Color Club's Art Club Satin Silver and Orly's Liquid Vinyl. I Added some Glitter using Jade's silver glitter polish and added a rhinestone in the middle.

Tommorrow's challenge will be Violet! Ohhh the choices I had to chose from on that one!