Monday, February 11, 2013

Return Of The Nail Art!

I've been pretty busy over the month of January! I've been keeping on track with my New Year's resolutions, filling some custom orders for nails, and helping my husband with his palm trees. In fact, Today I worked on the very plants used in the background photo for this blog and my website!

I feel like I have been completely remiss with this blog, I have been struggling with managing my time. My help is needed outside in the nursery, the new exercise regimen, all the eating of the yummy food and of course my actual nail work! I haven't even taken any pictures of my work. I think I've finally gotten a grip on all these changes and now it's time to get back to blogging!

Today's nail pictures are of the current set I have on sale on E-bay.

I originally got the concept for this nail around Christmas time but never got the chance to make it happen. I decided to go ahead and do it - because red and gold are 'any time of the year' colors. Bring on the bling! As with all my other nail tips for sale - The topcoat is Gelish.

This is my standard gradient and I thought light tone of the gold and the dark tone of the red would make a nice contrast. Here's one more shot of it.

I really like these and have worn this design on my own nails during a night out with the hubby. He very much pays attention to my nails and even had a say in which design I wore on our wedding day!

The project I have scheduled to work on this week is actually based on a request I got from a young lady who loved an element of a design I did, very early in my blog, during the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. I will for sure be posting that because it will highlight the progress I've made in my nail art skills since I've begun this blog!

I hope you have a groovy Monday because I know I will be! I'm off to have lunch with some friends that I haven't seen anywhere from two months to over a year! Yay!

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