Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little twist on a classic look

Today I am showing you some pictures of what I've been doing with my time lately. I finally got around to taking some photos. These are available for sale on ebay.

I really liked the Christmas Tree designs with the zig zag style trees and decided that would be perfect to do with mirco-beads since I have so many left from the Fish Egg Mani trend that was so hot last spring. I also took the time to use the Gelish Structure Gel to overlay the bead design. It makes for a smooth nail and keeps the beads completely secure! I have about a bazillion designs in mind for beads and other little nail art doo-dads along these lines.

Now, to the pictures!!

A macro shot of one of the nails.

The entire set.

A side view to highlight the smooth surface and 3D effect it gives.

These took quite a while to do...I spent two afternoons working on them. I apologize for the sorry state of my practice finger. What do you think? 

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