Sunday, August 19, 2012

The honeymoon is over!

Well the official honeymoon where you go away is over at least! The metaphorical honeymoon isn't even close to being over yet. I didn't change my mani for this - and this is why I recommend getting gel color to ALL brides! No need to worry about your nails - they still look great and you can focus your attentions on other more FUN things.

I didn't post last Sunday because we were in Orlando for a long weekend. We took the kids with us and no trip to Orlando is complete with a day or two at Disney. We stayed at our Timeshare resort, so two days at Disney and another day of enjoying our resort's awesome amenities! Here's a few quick pix!

I'm obviously not in this one since I'm taking the picture. lol

This is one of all of us at the resort wearing our ears (or in the case of my dad - his Micky Mouse Straw Hat). A good time was had by all!! 

Now, life is back to normal, I've even gotten some things done towards finally getting seriously settled into the new apartment. I know the traditional dream is to get married and come home from your honeymoon to your "new house" as a married couple. I highly don't recommend you do that unless you took at least a month to get settled in first. LOL Sometime in the next few days I'll be changing my mani and next week's post I will have actual nail art for you!! So many new exciting ideas have come out while I was gone, and I have no end of inspiration for things I'd like to try!!


  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time, congrats on the wedding!!

    1. Thnx Jacqui!! We certain had an awesome time. I'm ready to get back to the nail art now tho!! I've missed it!