Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunger Games!

That's right, I said it. Today I have both a Hunger Games Mani and a Hunger Games Pedi to show you. I decided to show a pedi because I actually do some Nail Art on a Pedi too, and it matches when possible. Sometimes a client will go a little wilder on their toes because they are not allowed to be so bold with their fingers for work. Even on those occasions when I am at liberty to "match" like this, I still usually alter the pedi design a little bit to suit toes. See for yourself and tell me what you think?

Certainly not the best shot of my toes ever...but you can clearly see there's a minor difference between the Pedi and the Mani below.

The Colors I used on the Mani are (cuticle to free-edge) "Stone Cold", "Harvest Moon", "Riveting" and finally, "Electrify". I toned it down for the toes and did "Stone Cold"," Riveting" and on the big toe I added a thin bit of "Electrify". They clearly go together but they aren't exactly the same.

Just as an aside, I went back to my Gelish Sunset Mani and stamped a new design on it. Of course, you know I took pix to show and share! The pedi, however, *that* I kept. I genuinely like it and I thought it would be different from my usual plain shade of polish. 

What are your plans for the Hunger Games? Going to see it opening night? Are you reading the books now or have you read them already? 


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    1. Thnx! It took me a few tries to get the right combo in the right order but I finally got something I liked.

  2. This manicure is so cool and I love the gradient pedicure too :)

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  3. My the odds be ever in your favor! love love love !