Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Flowers

Good Morning and a groovy day to everyone! I'm just going to get right to the picture this morning!

You'd think I'd be sick to death of the pinks, but I'm strangely not. Just because I can, here's another shot.

The second photo, the gradient background is much more pronounced than in the first one. I like both shots, and I just couldn't bring myself to pick only one.  This was a very easy one to do. I did a pink gradient starting my Gelish "Go Girl" and I then sponged on a generic unlabeled polish (I get them for a buck a piece at the nail supply place - great stuff for doing nail with) in hot pink and again with a deeper toned berry color. I stamped the flower using my unknown Essie color.  Sadly, I have no idea what the name is because the writing on the label has long since worn off I've had this one for so long. I grabbed my dotting tool and added a larger dot for the center of the flowers and dot trails in between the petals. Finally, I took my bottle of generic silver glitter, using my striping brush, I brushed glitter over the dot trails. A coat of Seche Vite and *poof* a Star Flower is born! 

We'll see how it goes tonight and how my fingers are doing and hopefully I'll be back to nail art tomorrow. 

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