Friday, February 24, 2012

Late Nite Art

Ok, now I'm back to the Nail Art photos. You'll have to forgive me, I attempted to do a Gelish fill in last night after 1 am. Soo very sloppy. :( However, I felt compelled to do some nail art tonight anyway.  Tonight, I'll be doing two nail arts!

The first one is a fishnet stamping design and I took the time to add beads to an accent nail. While editing the pictures, I realized that I probably should have done that with all the nails instead of just the one. It came out better than I originally thought.

The second one is drastically different. I saw on IvanaThinksPink's blog where she did stamping with more than one color. I couldn't resist trying out her technique and woohooo! It came out purty darn nice!!

I am less than happy with both of these - it is starting to show that I have not done nail art in almost a week.

However, I was able to finally make some purchases of Nail Supplies. Most of the things I purchased were basic supplies I was running seriously low on. Monomer and Nail Powder. At this moment I do not offer acrylic services to clients in their home (and right now I'm only doing in-home/in-office appts) I do plan to either offer that or return to the salon full time in the future. That being said, I have only been a nail tech for a few years now, so I need to practice regularly so that I am not rusty and sloppy when I begin doing this service for clients.  My big purchase was a new LED UV lamp. I did buy the higher end model but the difference in price was not so much that it made sense to me to buy the other one and go back later for that one. 

Today I went and got a new haircut.  I'm completely in love with it!! 


  1. So when do we see the hair cut????? and why didn't you get them all cut??

    1. Oh i got them all cut...they just aren't all the same size now!!

      I took a proper picture with my camera (no duck lips!) but I haven't gotten around to downloading it.