Monday, February 13, 2012

14 Days of Love - Day 11: The Lost Post

As I promised, I have my missing post for you!! woohooo!! It's been a little bit of a struggle lately to coordinate parenting time with my significant other so we can both get home projects done or further along. I got to sit down last night and do the nail art for the rest of this holiday nail art celebration and I found the idea flowed freely - not just for this - but for other nail arts as well.

You'll notice I started watermarking the pictures. Although I am not aware of anyone stealing my pictures, I figured why wait until it happens to start? I really should have been doing it from the beginning, but now I've got all my pictures watermarked and switched out on my website. Now I will be going through old posts here and switching those pictures for watermarked ones. It's alot more tedious on here than it was on the rest of my website - but I'll find odd moments to do them as I go.

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