Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Poof into a cloud of glitter

I wanted to do something different today. So drug out all my acrylics. That included the micro-glitter made explicitly for use with acrylics. Now I have always liked the look of the glitter with clear acrylic powder, but unless you guy it pre-mixed, it can be difficult to work with. I have two containers of colored acrylic powder, red and orange, my favorite colors.

I decided to see how the glitter would look if i mixed it with the colored acrylic powder. WOW! that is about all I can say about it. It looked awesome. It was a nice holo glitter to start with and the colored powder seems to give it even more depth than the clear did. It has that amazing glow from within that you see with some of the polishes like China Glaze's Ruby Slippers.

Then I took it one step further. One of the glitters I have is this shiny metallic (but not holo) bronze glitter.  It doesn't really go with anything else I have but on a lark, I decided to add equal amounts of pink holo glitter and the bronze to the red colored acrylic powder.


The metallic of the bronze glitter deepened the red color of the powder and just made it all pop. I'm for sure going to do that on my hand and take some pix of it. DEFINITELY posting it here soon as I'm done with it. I'll just do a quick overlay rather than add tips because as it is, my natural nails are longer than I like. Sometimes, I get some seriously ugly stuff when I start experimenting but this is most definitely not one of those times.

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