Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Madness!!

What a wonderful holiday! I have a three year old and we spent the preceding nights assembling toys every evening. I also ended up running out on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping with my fiance and his brother. The crowds weren't as bad as I expected them to be and we lucked out and found perfect gifts.

It's long been a tradition in my house to spend Christmas Eve baking cookies *for Santa* and for other family members. The lil one is finally old enough to participate and we stayed the night next door at my future mother-in-law's. We had planned on spending the holiday with them, like we do every year. Just staying the night was so much easier. It's always this time of year that I'm reminded in the most blatant way just how lucky we are.

In my little wonderful world of nail polish - I finally finished the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. woohooo!! I'll start posting pix of those beginning Jan 1. Of course, I did some others too...funny, how you do one and can be inspired to do others and next thing you know, you've done sooo many more and you're still no further along in the challenge. LOL

One of my Christmas presents was just cash. I'll be using that to finally get a stamping kit that I've wanted for awhile now and some new nail art brushes from the Born Pretty Store. I'll certainly be doing some fun things with that. However, I think my next big project is to work out some of the fun art with acrylics. I'm not so fabulous at creating sculptured flowers and the like. However, I do have GLITTER and various colored acrylics powders to work with.  I will still b working doing Nail Art but some of those will b combined with the Acrylics FX. The whole point of doing all of this is to show the depth and variety of my skills and build a portfolio of sorts.

2012 is looking to be a fun year with lots of new challenges I just can't wait to get started on.

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