Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold as Ice but filled with dreams of Butterflies and Flowers

Wooo!! It's cold here today!! I know some of ya'll aren't nearly this cold but to me it's FREEZING!! I live down here in the Everglades because of the subtropical where is my subtropical climate??

I haven't done much nail art over the last few months...and honestly, for awhile there I was walking around with BARE NAILS!! oh the horror!! Seriously. Right now I have zero color on my nail but I do at least have a clear coat of Gelish to protect my nails. They got so raggedy I couldn't take it anymore. I just cut them down to nubs and put the clear coat on so I could grow them out again.

I thought I would go ahead and post a few of the pictures of Nail Art I've done when I did it.

This one is a gorgeous butterfly wing design. I have been obsessed with this blue Gelish shade and mixing it with the red to get that purplish gradient. One of the upside to the first coat of gelish being so translucent is it makes it great for these gradients where you're truly blending colors. Of course, I added a coat of small sparkling glitter over the gradient and then added the black butterfly wing design.  I got a ton of compliments on it.

The next one is a design I have had in the back of my head for ages. It might look a little familiar from previous failed attempts at executing this design I have in my head. Sometimes I'll do a total fail at the execution of what is in my head - but I still really like how it came out even though it's completely different than what I had in mind. This one I completely nailed the look I was going for. 

This one I did red french tips and I used flower stickers and small individual pieces of large glitter for the small dots. I could never get the dots on this one exactly the way I wanted and the glitter does the job PERFECTLY. All the better since, well you know, it's glitter!  

I have a sample set of Joby nail art stickers and I'll probably be giving those a shot soon. I have certainly purchase more than a few Joby nail art stickers in the past and I might use these in a way similar to above. I might not.  It's almost Valentine's day and it's that time of year to start doing Valentine's nail art! 


  1. Such cute nails!

  2. Thnx!! and loving the new pix of you and the baby!! Congrats on doing so well losing the baby weight too! You look FAB!

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