Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matte Pink

Good Afternoon and I'm finally back! I've had quite a bit going here at home that I had to take care and now that it's all successfully completed I've been able to do some new nail arts for my blog once again. Ohhh how I've missed it tooo!! I know a few people's blogs do "Pink Wednesdays" and I'm not sure what the backstory on that is but since I'm returning after a few days off - what better theme to go with?

I've previously matted some super sparkly polishes and done a stamped pattern that was also matted and I really enjoy the look. Here's another look at that theme.

This foil shows up much stronger in bright light and in low light than the picture here really shows. I got a few compliments on this going to pick up my daughter from school (I had only done four fingers and even that was pretty stand out). I'm seriously considering doing the other six fingers and wearing this for a few days because I really just like it a lot.

Just because I had one more shot of it. I think everyone should have at least one bottle of ManGlaze polish. They do have other colors besides just matte topcoat and all are just stunning. I'm not super big on pimping out specific polishes - but I love love love these sooo much! They are a great little company who put out a great line of products!

That's all I have for you today, Thanks for stopping by after my extended break and I'll see you tomorrow!!

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