Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let me try it one more time!

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day! It's Wednesday and today I'm a little sad. It's my last day being the primary teacher at my daughter's preschool. After this, I'm only scheduled to be "hall monitor/time out" and then the school year will be done. My babygirl is growing up and I'll miss spending my mornings with the other kids too.

Since I'm a little bummed, I decided to post more blue squishy goodness to cheer me up! Yay! Yah, I really am that easy to cheer up.

I stamped this one, but in hindsight, I probably would have done better to use my dotting tool. I just wanted to try out that plate and see how it looked. 

I just can't stress enough how awesome this looks and I have gotten many compliments on these. Ok, one more just because I can and it's awesome.

I hope you enjoyed my blue squishy love fest this morning and thank you for reading!!

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