Friday, March 23, 2012

Trying new things

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! I know mine certainly is. I'm very excited to show you today's nail art! I really had trouble sleeping the other night because I was just that excited about how these came out.

I had been meaning to try my hand incorporating acrylic paint in my nail art and I finally got the paint to give it a shot.  I'm still very much in the spring vibe so I started with flowers!

I'm so very happy with how this ultimately turned out. In my mind, I still need to work on forming the flower petals and leaves, but even with the not quite perfection, I'm totally digging this! I'm also loving it that my camera managed to catch a bit of the holo for the accent bits. It's a very strong non-linear holo and that the picture came out very much how it did in person brings me much joy.

This one is in honor of the opening of "Hunger Games" tonight. I did a gradient using my hunger games polish and white and orange acrylic paints to do the flower. The flower is supposed to represent the flowers that Katniss covers her fellow tribute and ally in during the story. I love this one as well and used a gold holo to accent the orange. The holo is not as strong in person as it is for the one above - but I didn't want to obscure anything by usin such a strong holo. 

I hope you enjoyed today's trials and any feedback you have about these designs would be awesome!! Suggestions are always great too ;) 

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