Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today I was going to be working on New Year's manis! woohooo! I got started last night and while it wasn't super fancy, it certainly did put me in the mood.

As you can see, just simple stripes but it really did put my head in the right place. Next to try my hand at some more detailed ones. Popping champaign bottles and the like.

I had a little accident with my computer, I tripped and spilled some of my drink on my laptop. :( I've had a rough time getting all the liquid out of the keyboard and it's pretty much fried. Thankfully, it didn't get down into the rest of the laptop, so no need to replace it. However, I've had to add a wireless keyboard and mouse and set the laptop up in the most awkward way on my desk to use the full sized keyboard. I have had a load of grief trying to disable the laptop's keyboard so it has been a very distressing day.

I'm going to try again to get to working on those New Year Manis first thing in the morning. Definitely need to switch up my daily routine so that I'm spending my pre-lunch hours working on that stuff (when I don't have appts) and then spending the later afternoon hours doing work around the property and housework. I get such poor lighting for pictures in the afternoon. I could work in the evening but I really don't like taking the pictures with flash and artificial light - I just love the look in bright natural light. Living in Florida means it's the light that my clients are seen under the most.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of my afternoon!


  1. @maya Thnx! If I can get my computer fixed, I'll b able to post some of the other fun ones I did :D